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How to clean stainless steel tableware?

Issuing time:2018-09-26 00:00

Now more popular tableware, in addition to ceramics, there is also a kind of stainless steel, especially some baby tableware, the use of stainless steel is more, mainly ceramic fragile, but stainless steel fall resistant and smooth, can do more shape.

Stainless steel material can be used for food. It's very safe to hold food. It's also recommended for everyone to use, especially for children's meals, canteens and other places. There's no need to worry about the damage caused by the collision of tableware. This material is more convenient to use. But it should be noted that not all stainless steels are food grade.

Some, such as rice cookers and kettles, may be marked with 304 mark on the inner wall, which can be used safely, but the metal is rarely marked on the tableware. It depends on whether there is a mark on the position of the label. What is marked on the label can be used naturally. If there is no label or no mark, it is not recommended to use it.

Even food grade tableware does not mean that all foods can be stored. Of course, most ordinary meals in life have no problems. For example, stainless steel cups are not recommended for long-term storage of tea and medicine soup. This kind of tableware is corrosive to metals. Although it does not have much effect in a short time, it may cause harmful precipitation after long-term use Material, we still try to use other cups.

It is also not recommended to store food with high salt and relatively acid for a long time. For example, when eating dumplings, you may put some vinegar in the plate. This is no problem. What you need to pay attention to is that after you are full, the remaining vinegar in the plate should be poured out as soon as possible. Although the acidity of vinegar is limited, it is not suitable for a long time. Pickles and pickles are also such a kind of food As long as it contains more salt or acid, you should pay attention to clean the tableware in time after eating.

If you eat more of this kind of food in your daily life, the suggestion is to see if you can change the material. If you are worried about being fragile, you can also use safe plastic material.

However, we can rest assured for the baby's food, because seasoning is not recommended in children's food, and there won't be too many such sour or salty ingredients.

Stainless steel tableware cleaning also try to use a mild detergent, gentle cleaning is best, otherwise for metal corrosion may not be seen in a short time, or need to pay more attention to.

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